Tile Floor Installation

Tile is a durable and great-looking flooring option homeowners love. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas in your home and rooms that are susceptible to dirt, moisture or humidity. Certain types of tile flooring are also a treat for cold feet when paired with radiant-heated floors.

Tile floors are meant to last – make sure installation and repairs are done right the first time, with Ideal builders.

Our Tile Floor Installation Services

Subfloor Preparation plays a crucial role in the long-lasting floor. Our Young Builders will make sure all the necessary steps are taken before installation to make your tile last longer. . For heavy tile like slate, we make sure the floor has the necessary reinforcements for proper installation.

Once the tile is laid and the mortar has set, we fill the grout lines. Since grout needs a few weeks to completely cure, we’ll come back and apply a grout sealant, if necessary, to prevent stains.

Our experts install:

Tile Floor Repair

The beauty of tile flooring is that it’s easy to repair compared to laminate, vinyl or linoleum flooring. If a tile breaks, chips or becomes stained, Our Young Builders can replace the tile and fill the grout lines to ensure it matches the rest of the flooring.

Make sure installation and repairs are done right the first time, with Ideal Builders. Get in touch with our Young Builders and let our Young Builders finish the job for you.


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