Marble Counter Top Installation And Repair

Marble Counter top s provide a visually striking and elegant work surface for your kitchen. Since no two slabs of marble are identical, your kitchen will truly be one of a kind. When it’s time to install new marble Counter top s, you can trust Ideal Builder. We also offer marble Counter top repair services for chips and cracks in your Counter tops.

Start-to-Finish Marble Counter top Installation

Ideal Builder can take care of the entire installation process – we’re truly your kitchen installation and repair experts. For Counter top replacements, we’ll remove and dispose of the old Counter top . Next, we’ll prep the base cabinets and kitchen area for your new masterpiece. This will include leveling the base cabinets and adding reinforcements and more.

After the installation, we can take care of the kitchen backsplash, kitchen sink installation and more! With Ideal Builder, there’s no need to call multiple contractors, saving you time and money.

Marble Counter top Sealing

Once we’ve installed the Counter top , our experts will take the necessary steps to seal the marble to prevent stains and etching. This preventative maintenance is important to maintain appearance and prevent permanent stains and damage. Since this needs to happen at least once a year, we can walk you through the steps to take care of your marble Counter top s or we can come back when it’s time to reseal the Counter top s.

Marble Counter top Repair

Marble may be a durable material, but it’s not invincible. Repairing marble Counter top s is a difficult task. If your marble Counter top s are cracked, etched, chipped or stained, our experts will find a repair solution. Whether this is replacing the damaged section or using special adhesives to make a repair, we’ll make it look as if nothing happened.

Marble Counter top Installers Near Me

Marble Counter top s transform your kitchen. Protect your investment with professional marble Counter top installation and repair services from experts who care.


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