Granite Counter Top Installation And Repair

For a great-looking and durable kitchen work surface, you can’t go wrong with granite counter tops. This natural stone resists heat, stains and scratches, making it an ideal work surface for busy kitchens.

Ready for a new look in your kitchen? Call your local Ideal Builder for professional granite counter top installation.

Our Granite Counter top Installation Services

Our start-to-finish granite counter top installation services start with removing the old counter top, and don’t end until we’ve prepared the base cabinets and caulked the seams; we won’t leave you hanging with a half-finished installation.

Our counter top installation services don’t stop there. Thanks to our years of experience in the kitchen remodel industry, once we install the counter top, we can take care of cabinet repair and installation, backslashes and more.

Granite Counter top Sealing

Since granite is a porous stone, it must be sealed to protect it from stains and liquids. After installation, our experts will take care of this important step and give you professional tips on the best way to maintain your new counter top. The maintenance interval will vary based on the type of granite.

Granite Counter top Repair

It’s rare for granite to crack or chip, but when it does, you want professional granite repair services. Most granite repairs are done with an epoxy resin color-matched to the natural stone. This resin is applied to the crack or chip and allowed to cure. Once it’s cured, it’ll look like nothing ever happened.

Once Ideal Builder arrives, we’ll assess the damaged area and get right to work sealing the damage with a color-matched epoxy. We’ll also look for possible causes to prevent it from happening again.

Granite Counter top Installers Near Me

Since granite counter tops are a hefty investment, you want professional installers you can trust. With years of experience and our Done Right Guarantee ,Ideal Builder is your trusted local granite counter top installation expert.


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